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My mission is to Inspire and Empower my clients. So they can set their own goals and determine what works best for them. Their journeys are personal which makes every one of my programs unique. Clients who complete my programs continue to amaze me. Their lives transform, and they are able to take their health journey to the next level.

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“My primary reason for contacting Totally Nourished (TN) was my health issues that left me feeling tired, withdrawn and unhealthy for a long time. I was unaware of how important it was to change my diet. I noticed results early on in the program.

Mary helped me to understand the difference between “primary foods” and “secondary foods.”  Her attentiveness and care have made a significant difference in my life. Her willingness to be available for questions and concerns is refreshing. I’ve made many positive changes. I look for quality foods and ingredients. I prepare more healthy greens, grains and proteins. I’ve learned the importance of feeling at peace with my choices and I make time for myself and my family.

I’ve seen such incredible improvements in my health, mood and appearance. Mary’s programs have made me more confident in my choices. I look forward to continuing with these lifestyle changes for the rest of my life. Thank you Mary, for being so supportive and for showing me a new path to take to a healthier lifestyle.”

Ranelle R.

Andover, NJ, Unique Interiors

“The Totally Nourished (TN) program exceeded my expectations! I needed help identifying the foods that triggered my symptoms of Chron’s disease. There is so much confusing information out there. I wanted someone to simplify it all and help me to save time figuring out what works best for me. Mary helped me to sift through the information so that I could apply it and improve my health. I liked that the program is unique to me and moved along at my pace. The TN program could improve by lasting longer.”

Mandy C.

Califon, NJ, Home Educational Instructor

The Totally Nourished (TN) programs are not about shortcuts, quick fixes, or weird fad diets. These programs are about transforming your relationship with food and gaining control over your health, and the health of your family. I would recommend the TN programs to those who want to make sustainable changes to their health using real, whole, unprocessed foods.

I’ve seen major changes in myself, healthful food choices, dedicated exercise and weight loss, that I continue to model for my family. I have gained a better understanding of the importance of educating myself about wise food choices. As a family we are eating higher quality, whole and mostly organic foods.

I now make better choices at the grocery store and I enjoy cooking almost everyday from scratch. We depend much less on take out and restaurants for our food. For the first time in my life, I feel that food is not controlling me. The lessons I’ve learned in the TN programs are simply habits for a lifetime.”

Carolyn L.

Chester, NJ